About Company

We are a team of veteran tech developers and business administrators who have developed numerous successful products for our amazing clients.

Application Development

We are experienced in developing web, and mobile applications on literally all trending stacks.

Product/Brand Designs

Athena Tech houses some of the best UI and UX designers in the field who work passionately to deliver the most intuitive designs for web and mobile apps.

Technical and business consulting

Along with technical development, we also provide technical and business consulting to our clients, to help them understand their needs and put them on the right track for their business goals.


Rapid Application Development

Rapid development of interactive applications in cloud, using MVC frameworks (Python/Django, CakePHP, RoR) with rich javascript-based (Angular.js, React.js, Backbone.js) frontends.

Automated data scraping and search analytics

Automated and semi-automated data scraping, clean up, analysis and reporting using tools like Djuggler, HtmlUnit and Scrapy.

Mobile App Development

We have built dozens of mobile applications for top smartphone platforms (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian) for our partners which are being used by millions of users every day.

Cloud Applications

Implementation of highly scalable applications in cloud using Google App Engine and Amazon’s elastic cloud offerings (EC2 and S3).

Product Designs

Creating beautiful and intuitive UI and UX for all kind of products and brands. We make sure we create top notch designs which are inline with the latest trends, and are the most pleasing to users.

3D Applications

We have designed and developed multiple successful 3D graphics, imaging and visualization applications for our partners. We make cross platform 3D apps using Unity3D and high performance desktop apps using OpenGL/C++.

Athena from startup to enterprise

The Athena Technologies family is more than an outsourced development shop. We are an on-demand development team for your startup or enterprise. In addition to the high-quality agile development, we provide our clients with a go to market consulting. We are alumni of 500 startups and Founders Den in Silicon Valley and have obtained priceless knowledge that we love sharing for no additional charges. Here are some of the perks of joining Athena Technologies.

Customer discovery exercises

We work along with you to identify a focus group of users and perform A/B testing of your product.

User feedback sessions

User feedback sessions are one of the most important way to improve and optimize a product. Our team is always ready to perform these sessions for you, and gather feedback for your product.

Growth hacking techniques

New to the market? Don’t think you’re growing with the expected pace? We provide consultation and techniques through which you can improve your processes to grow exponentially

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Want to get our services for your development needs? Have a startup idea or project but no technical team? Send your information our way, and we’ll get back to you asap.